The photoset of me and Ariel from last year seems to be going around again, so I wanted to post pictures from when I met Ariel again!

This time my boyfriend and I went during Extra Magic Hours wearing princessy shirts, and Ariel was excited to see herself on a shirt. She asked where I got it, and I said a mall, and of course she had no idea what I was talking about. I said a mall was like a lot of her grottos all together in one place, but she thought it sounded more like a lot of ship-wrecks. I think her idea makes more sense.

Tinker Bell also liked my shirt, she said it reminded her of the mermaids in Never Land, then showed us a shell Ariel gave her. Cinderella thought my shirt was alright, but she really liked Jake’s shirt.

I love meeting the characters in Disney World. It’s so magical to see the characters I loved growing up as real people who everyone can go and spend time with, and it makes me hope that one day I can make a cartoon character who’s so popular that people would line up to meet them too. Ariel has always been my favorite character, and every time I meet her I’m reminded of why I love Disney.